Mood Ring - A Class - 6 to 5

  • Mood Ring - A Class - 6 to 5

Mood Ring - A Class - 6 to 5



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Mood Ring

(Show also branded as "Emotions")

Mood Ring explores the different emotions that we all feel as human beings.  Driven by the idea of the classic mood ring, the entire ensemble begins in green attire (representing normal or indifference). Each movement of the show focuses on a different emotion in which one section of the ensemble reveals the color that corresponds to that particular emotion.  Toward the end of the show all the colors mix together into a rousing finale!  

Mood Ring will challenge even the best A Class ensembles, but is perfect for younger ensembles with little experience with the theatrical elements involved in winter percussion.  The focus on varying emotional expression is great practice for those with percussion programs looking to make the plunge into the winter percussion activity.  


I. Green - Normal
II. Orange - Daring/Stimulating
III. Yellow - Imaginative
IV. Black - Angry
V. Red - Adventurous