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Drill FAQs:

How do I order a Custom Drill Design?

Can I see the entire drill concept before I order the show?

After I have purchased the show, can I see a copy of it so my staff and I can start formulating our design requests?

What is Custom Adaptation?

Can I buy the show and adapt it on my own?

Is it possible for me to speak with the drill writer while they are working on my custom show?

Can I change my drill numbers after turning them in with the contract?

How soon do I need to make a Custom Drill Design Reservation?

What is the turn-around time for a Custom Drill Design?

How late can I turn in my scores and instrumentation?

What does contest site protection not include?

How difficult is it to adapt an msconcepts drill myself?

Custom Music FAQs:

Can I purchase music only?

Do you compose or arrange custom music?

Contest Site FAQs:

What is Ultimate Regional Protection (For Shows Not in the MSC Catalog)?

Can a band perform the same show and or music at the same contest site but in a different division, region, and/or class?

Can I change one of my contest sites after I turn my contract in?

Does the Ultimate Regional Protection just cover a 100 mile radius area?

Product FAQs:

Can you purchase the GE Handbook even if you do not purchase the drill that is written for the show?

Are the recordings available online only or can I get a recording?

Do you sell Pyware?

Payment FAQs:

Do you take purchase orders?

Can the deposits be wrapped up in the PO or deferred billing for the fall?

Why can't products be sent to us on good faith that we'll pay?

Color Guard Choreography FAQs:

What shows have choreography already designed on your site?

Can I purchase color guard choreography separately?

General Information FAQs

What is your contact information?

Who is the owner of MSConcepts and Center X Productions?

Can I purchase the general effect handbook separately?