Testimonials from some of the best creators and band directors in the business!

Jay Bocook

Composer, Arranger,  & Director of Athletic Bands, Furman University

The stuff that goes around marching band is immense and what you guys do is give
you this bandage to go "Guys, we have it all right here you don't have to worry.
Take the stress out ...go be a great teacher...we'll do the other stuff.”...That's what is
so fantastic about this company…and I can't tell you how many referrals, whether
it's music that's out of print, whether it's band directors that get a job
they got to start the next day. I just say "call them"!

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Michael Pote

Composer, Arranger, & Band Director, Carmel High School

You're getting a great value for your money...because to have to find these people individually and hire them you know is difficult, especially in a young program [or] smaller program that doesn't have those kind of means you know is a great, great opportunity.

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Ricardo Robinson

World Class Teacher and Color Guard Choreographer

One of my first state championships that I won back in Mississippi actually was a Marching Show Concepts show. We used the drill...the music...and lots of these great resources the company put in there. It's a valuable tool and it's great because it
allows the activity to be more accessible to people who aren't as accessible.  

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Our group and judges were very pleased with the show this year and the overall communications/process to make it happen. You get an A++ We will begin talks about the fall very soon, and definitely will consider working with you guys for many years to come!
Dr. CH from North Carolina

You guys, by far, are the best of any marching business we've dealt with. We have heard many, many positive comments on both or drill and guard routine. In fact, our guard has placed first at every show we've been to. Thank you! I would love to keep working with Marching Show Concepts.
I hope you guys feel the same way about us!
TB from Iowa

David thank you for your help this season. I am so impressed with msc and will be purchasing our show next year from your company. The kind responses and the notes of thanks are a great source of support and encouragement. Again, thank you!
RT from California

I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful show we purchased from you.  We performed the Music of Beethoven Show with a little of our own stuff mixed in the middle.  We competed at the Arizona State Division IV competition and received a Superior-With Distinction rating!  We also received the Outstanding Music Performance, Outstanding General Effect, Outstanding Visual Performance, and Outstanding Auxiliary captions.  We really appreciate the quality of the arrangement, and the show was wonderful.  Thank you so much! 
LS from Arizona

The "Ray" show is progressing nicely. Once again I am very pleased. Thanks again for all the hard work you folks do in running your fine company.
I look forward to doing more business with you in the future!  
KR from New Mexico

I was about to walk away from the profession because I couldn't keep up with the programming demands in our state. We are now a consistent state finalist and all I have to do is contact you all a few times in the spring and you deliver. Every time. On Time! NO MORE STRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!
KP from Indiana

Michael Cesario

Drum Corps International Artistic Director, and DCI Hall of Fame

A director can go there and get all excited and see something that's quality as opposed to junk...the music and the shows are actually of a piece cut from the same fabric. They're smart, & they know where to put the featured instrumental voices. That sounds like nothing but it's everything. All of these people started out in the activity. They're actually musicians...band directors & drill writers they started out in it [as educators] so they know the problems....and...it's not about sales. 
The real point is they're there for you.

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Richard Saucedo

Composer, Arranger, & Former Band Director, Carmel High School

Services like MSConcepts are very very valuable...an unbelievable resource and I say that because I know some of the writers that write...and they are some of the best there are. You guys have this policy [regional protection] where if you buy a show someone next
door to you in the next county over is not going to [march] that same show. 

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The folks at MSC are great! The drill was well written and worked well with the music. Having these guys take care of the music and drill gave me time to take care of the things that only the band director can do. It also gave me a chance during the summer to spend some quality time with my family, fly helicopters, and fish. It has been a long time since I have had any time in the summer to do those things. These guys are top notch. Give them a try. You'll be glad you did.
JT from Washington

I just want to extend a thank you to your company for everything you have done for my band this season.  We had a band of 9 winds and pulled off your show, "Picante".  We reached the State Finals in Kentucky and placed 3rd in the Sate in class AA.  We used your music and drill and were more successful than we have ever been.  I commend your staff for all the time and expertise that they put into your shows. Thank you very much!!
RS from Kentucky

First of all, let me say, I have the utmost respect for people (and businesses) that expedite things with the timeliness you got that disc to me. I get so frustrated and tired of dealing with people that don't keep their word, don't follow through, don't take care of business etc., that sometimes I could bloody well SCREAM!!!. Next, the music writers are EXCELLENT!!! The musical structures are all, what I call, "J.S.Bach perfect"!!! As an instructor and judge, I have an obsession with clarity. The MSC music that I listened to, is all structured for good clarity, (provided the line can play, and the instructors know how to tune, which of course, MSC has no control over). All in all, I'm very impressed with (first of all) the level of service, and the quality of what I heard. I see MSC offers quite a range of services, and I cant't wait to continue our relationship next season!.
RH from Michigan

I appreciate the fact that you have such a great customer service department.  My dilemma is I have a small school, small band, very little money and trying to come up show ideas. 
Thanks for everything your company does.
MW from Missouri

As a percussion director I can tell you it was great not to have to 
worry about writing music and drill for my show. I will not
hesitate to look into next years show from you guys. It was great.
It allowed me to concentrate on other "headaches" like props and
costumes without having to deal with drill and music.

DM From Louisiana

I have been very happy with MSC.  I have been teaching for 33 years.  It has just become too stressful, as a small school director, to raise money for music, find an arranger, find a drill writer, spend hours on the phone with rewrites, deal with late drill, and on and on.  The products you offer are very good, organized and affordable.  Last year we finished ahead of many bands that spent $10,000-15,000 for their program.  We were also the only 5A program in Oklahoma
to win a sweepstakes (our tenth in a row).  To make a long story short, that is why your product
is so nice, affordable and complete.  I have recommended your company to many bands,
especially younger and smaller programs.  Keep up the good work.  
MK From Oklahoma

I just wanted to drop a line to say how much we enjoyed the show, and to let you know that 

our band made straight superior ratings at our district marching festival - the only band in our
division to do so.
DC From Florida

I just wanted to let you know that our marching band qualified for State Finals at multiple contests this fall. They haven't done that in 8 years! Thanks for your help with ideas for visuals. Thanks again!
RF from Ohio

I will continue to use MSC for all future shows. The company's professionalism and work surpasses all other organizations in the same field...and I've dealt with them all. I appreciate all that the staff has done to help me with a successful marching band season.
Musically Yours,
MG from Texas