Wired (Grade 4)

  • Wired (Grade 4)

Wired (Grade 4)



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1.  Glitches
2.  Currents
3.  Electric Marvels
4.  Rewired

Composer:  Dennis Llinas
Total Time:  8:55

The premise of "Wired" by Dennis Llinas is to portray electricity and its effect on society. The four movements: "Glitches", "Currents", "Electric Marvels" and "Rewired" explore our fascination and dependency on electricity. The music lends itself to a variety of interpretations from circuit boards to a futuristic setting using wires, circuits, fuses and other electrical components. The overall feeling of the music is one of crackling electric currents and high-energy fun. "Imagination led Columbus to discover America. Imagination led Franklin to discover electricity." - L. Frank Baum