Through The Mirror - A Class - 6 to 5

  • Through The Mirror - A Class - 6 to 5

Through The Mirror - A Class - 6 to 5



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Through The Mirror - A Class

While settling into her bed for the evening a little girl hears a strange noise coming from her vanity mirror. As she walks closer to her reflection, she can make out the words "Come to me".  Suddenly, an arm pulls her through the glass and she is transported into a malevolent world out of her worst nightmares.  She runs in terror as ghouls and creatures of all types chase her through this parallel dimension.  She hangs on to slivers of hope as she manages to escape their clutches, but not for long.  In one final leap of faith, she makes it back through her mirror, landing on her bed.  In a dazed stupor she sits on her bed wondering "Was I dreaming?  Am I still dreaming?  Did something follow me.....through the mirror?"


Show Segments:

I. The Other Side

II. I Want to Go Home

III. Escape!


Total Performance Time: 5:40 (Includes 30 second preshow loop)