Light Inside (The) (Grade 3)

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Light Inside (The) (Grade 3)



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1.  Light
2.  Disorientation and Chaos
3.  Love
4.  Realization

5. Full Show with Sound FX

Composer:  Sean Wagoner, Alan Keown
Total Time:  7:16

Sean Wagoner has come up with another exquisite composition full of emotion and a great story line. At the beginning of life, the light inside each of us is pure and untouched by the circumstances of life. The innocence and simplicity of our early life allows the natural inner light to flourish in “Light”.” The chaotic circumstances of the human existence occur in “Disorientation and Chaos.” Life's challenges and traumatic experiences cause us to lose sight of (and faith in) the "inner light," causing strife and disorientation. Our better angels are stifled by resentment and the acknowledgment of personal hardship. In “Love,” life's challenges have obscured the power of the inner light, but it is not extinguished. When we love, the power of the inner light is realized. The closer “Realization,” exults the redemptive power of love and allows us to see that life's challenges are only a part of the fabric which enables love's grace to make itself known.

Let your students’ inner light shine with “The Light Inside!”