Hunt (The) (Grade 2+)

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Hunt (The) (Grade 2+)



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1.  Natural Predators
2.  In Pursuit
3.  The Trophy

4. Full Show with Sound FX

Composer:  Alex Yoder, Chad Gay
Total Time:  6:51

Alex Yoder’s compositions are known for their musicality and playability. His newest Center X production “The Hunt” is developed around a storyline that has the guard "hunting" the band, although it could also just be about hunting in general. The music flows from the preparation, to the search, to the chase, to the attack, and finally to the kill.

“Natural Predators” opens with a sense of stalking (or being stalked – it all depends on which side you are on!). This segues into the initial hunt filled with accents and powerful runs. “In Pursuit” is a section to showcase your winds and let the hunters catch their breath. A smartly scored pit break leads into “The Trophy.” All the sections come together for a rousing finale.

“The Hunt” hits the bull’s eye with intrigue and innovative scoring!