Shadows (Grade 3)

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Shadows (Grade 3)



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1.  Daylight
2.  Silhouettes
3.  Lunar Eclipse

4. Full Show with Sound FX

Composer:  Michael Pote, Scott Werner/King
Total Time:  7:12

Master composer Michael Pote has created another spellbinding composition with "Shadows." The opening pit phrase beckons the band to come out of the shadows. High impact moments dominate "Daylight." You can almost feel the sun rising in the distance and shadows being cast on the field. "Silhouettes" is a somber and reflective ballad, almost daring the audience to see what is hidden in the shadows. Are the silhouettes really what we think they are (excellent opportunity for body shaping and movement)? The closer, "Lunar Eclipse," could be a portrayal of night shadows. The opening phrase draws the curtain on daylight as the moon comes up and the shadows take on a new look. A shadow is a region of darkness where light is blocked. This could be an excellent starting point for your drill, visuals and even guard costuming. Optional ideas could be the use of scrims during the show with performers behind them creating shadows. The music of "Shadows" would work equally as well with the subject matter it was originally composed for an Empire of the Sun show. You could also research the role that the sun and moon have played throughout history and different civilization (such as the Aztecs or Mayans).