One Small Step - A Class - 6 to 5

  • One Small Step - A Class - 6 to 5

One Small Step - A Class - 6 to 5



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One Small Step

 It was one giant leap for mankind when Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon's surface for the first time on July 20, 1969.  It was an incredible milestone in space exploration as well as a monumental victory for the United States.  One Small Step draws on the inspiration of the many Apollo missions to the moon.  The training, space shuttle launch, the awe and wonder of space, space-shuttle troubles, and the eventual "first step" are showcased in this theatrical production.  

The opener begins with a short introduction featuring clips of John F. Kennedy's "Moon Speech" at Rice Stadium in 1962.  After those statements, we feature the drumline going through training simulations.  The Opener concludes with a launch sequence as the astronauts blast-off into space.  The Ballad represents the majesty and awe of space travel.  Including authentic public domain space sounds from NASA's audio archive as well as electronic vocal samples, the ballad is sure to give you chills and immerse you in the weightless wonder of traveling in space.  Just as the mood sets from the beautiful ballad moment, the closer begins with an explosion in the main cabin of the ship!  The final movement takes you on a harrowing journey as the astronauts frantically try to fix the ship and maintain their course to the moon.  Will they perish in the debris, or will they persevere and accomplish their mission?

One Small Step was commissioned by the East-Syracuse Minoa Indoor Percussion Ensemble for their 2015 season.  That year, the ensemble received its highest Scholastic A placement and score in the school's history at the New York State Percussion Circuit Championships.  


Total Performance Time:  4:29
Tempo Range (in BPM): 70, 112, 120, 128, 144, 164, 168, 186 (briefly)