La Fiesta (Grade 2+)

  • La Fiesta (Grade 2+) - Marching Show Concepts

La Fiesta (Grade 2+)



Music Files Below (left click to listen, right click to download)

1.  The Entrance of the Matador
2.  Oracion
3.  Caliente

4. Full Show with Sound FX

Composer:  Jason Nitsch
Total Time:  6:33

The musical journey of La Fiesta is designed to take the viewer through the day in the life of a bull fighter, from his entrance, to his pre-fight rituals, to the fight to the death.  An internet search will provide you and your design team with a wealth of visual possibilities. We suggest that you design your backdrops as if the audience is sitting in the bullfighting arena. You could create one continuous curved backdrop (make sure it is a least 8 steps behind your largest drill set. Or create arches and gates for each yard line. Don’t forget the festive bunting – especially in your pit area.  Your next decision is also crucial. Your auxiliary will play an integral part in presenting your show. Would you like them to be matadors (females can be matadors!) or, especially if you have an all-female auxiliary, should they dress as the female spectators. You would then have the opportunity to use additional performers (male and female) to take on the part of matadors.