Earth: Nature's Canvas (Grade 3)

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Earth: Nature's Canvas (Grade 3)



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1.  Antarctic Glaciers
2.  Sunset on the Serengeti
3.  Northern Lights

4. Full Show with Sound FX

Composer:  John King, Darren Hazlett
Total Time:  7:18

There are several elements that appear throughout the music to unify the listener's experience with "Earth: Nature's Canvas" including simple and memorable melodies, long impact chords with oscillating inner voices, and eighth note counterpoint builds that lead to strong satisfying impacts. The opener of "Antarctic Glaciers" is massively energetic, punctuated with moments of reflection including a good balance of brass power and woodwind exposure. "Sunset on the Serengeti" is a ballad that is very melody driven, presented first by the solo trumpet. There are solo opportunities for Trumpet, Horn and Euphonium or Trombone. The ballad leads directly into the closer, "Northern Lights" which is introduced by a solo snare. The battery feature follows, showcasing each section in turn, including the auxiliary percussion in the pit. The show ends in a satisfying ¾ meter. "With the field as your canvas and your band as the artists, you will create a masterpiece with Earth: Nature's Canvas'!"