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1.  Dreams (Full Instrumentation)
2.  Dreams (Reduced Instrumentation)
3.  Dreams (Simplified Instrumentation)

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Most shows are available in Full Instrumentation®, Reduced Instrumentation®, and/or Simplified® wind versions.

Key Poulan's music is designed so that you can pick the parts from each version that work best for your band, and build exactly the instrumentation you need!

Example: Let's say your trombone/baritone section is smaller; you have a full clarinet section; and you have incoming freshmen in your trumpet section:

  • Trombone/Baritones play the REDUCED VERSION (2 parts rather than 3)
  • Clarinets play the FULL VERSION (all 3 parts)
  • Trumpet use the SIMPLIFIED VERSION

Our exclusive Pit by the Numbers® Percussion is designed to be used for any size front ensemble section. Choose from 3, 4 or 5 bass drums.

Key Poulan Music wants every student, regardless of skill level, to contribute to their marching band field show at a level they can achieve.

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Show Description:
Throughout history, people have tried to understand the meaning of dreams. Sigmund Freud made much of his fame doing so and changed the way we understand who we are. Everyone at some point in their life has awoken up from a strange and wondered to himself what it meant. Do dreams mean anything? Why are dreams so strange? Are our dreams trying to tell us something? Dreams takes the listener through a series of dreams, some pleasant and some frightening. The dreams are accompanied by supplied narration, though you are welcome to add your own to make the experience more personal. Perhaps ask the members of the band to contribute their own thoughts on their dreams and even take turns narrating those thoughts during the production.