Colorguard Concepts Warm-ups & Techniques DVD

  • Colorguard Concepts Warm-ups & Techniques DVD - Marching Show Concepts

Colorguard Concepts Warm-ups & Techniques DVD



Color Guard Concepts

Colorguard concepts Warm-ups & Techniques is one of the most comprehensive, behind-the-scenes, hands-on training tools developed to specifically help guard members and their teachers build and maintain the foundation for amazing presentations. Each session offers clear, concise instruction and rudiments to build physical strength and mental confidence. Included:

  1. Introduction
  2. Stretches: Head, Neck, Shoulders, Arms
  3. Standing Stretches
  4. Lunges and Plie's
  5. Warm-ups
  6. Ballet Positions 1 through 5
  7. Plié and Relivé
  8. Tendu
  9. Foot Exercises with Music
  10. Flag Pole Parts & Sizes
  11. Right Shoulder Slam Sequence
  12. Drop Spins
  13. Flourishes
  14. Double Time Spins
  15. Thumb Flips
  16. Carving
  17. Pole Flips
  18. Pop Toss
  19. Money Hand Toss
  20. Ariels
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