Carnival - Open Class - 6 to 5

  • Carnival - Open Class - 6 to 5

Carnival - Open Class - 6 to 5



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Carnival - Open Class

A group of teenagers attend a traveling Carnival show in their hometown.  Upon walking through the entrance the energetic teens are greeted by a looming Carnival Barker who ushers them through the rides.  First up, The Tilt-a-Whirl!  Musically littered with twists and turns through use of chromaticism, crescendo/diminuendo phrases, metric accelerandos and various toy percussion instruments (Flexatones, and Ratchets), the movement takes the viewer on a wild adventure through a relentless ride aimed to bewilder and disorient the Carnival goers.  After the ride comes to an abrupt halt, the Carnival Barker guides the young adolescent teens to a more soothing and gentle ride: The Merry-Go-Round!  As they enjoy the mellow atmosphere of the attraction they can't help but notice that there's something not quite right about the Carnival Barker.  Before they can put their finger on it the benevolent ride dumps them into The Demon Coaster, the wildest roller coaster in the world!  The Carnival Barker reveals his sinister identity and before the teens realize, it's too late!  Will they make it to the end of the ride and live to see tomorrow, or will the murderous Carnival Barker claim yet another set of victims during his villainous tour around the country?


I. Tilt-a-Whirl
II. Merry-go-Round
III. Demon Coaster

Total Performance Time:  5:34 (with optional preshow vamp)

Tempo Range (in BPM): 100, 124, 168, 172, 180, 190 (briefly)