Africa! (Grade 4)

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Africa! (Grade 4)



Music Files Below (Left click to listen, right click to download)

1.  Serengeti Sunrise
2.  Gazelles
3.  Cool Shade
4.  Brush Fire and Rain

5. Africa with PreShow and Sound Effects

Composer:  Andrew Yozviak, George Clements
Total Time:  7:16

Andy Yozviak possesses the amazing skill of capturing sounds that embody the essence of his themes. “Africa” transports your performers and audience to the second largest continent on earth. From the Sahara Desert to Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa is a continent of extremes. “Serengeti Sunrise” opens the show in a dramatic fashion. You can almost see the sunrise and feel the day begin to heat up. “Gazelles” is playful and upbeat. It conjures up images of these nimble and beautiful animals grazing on grasses or sprinting away from their predators. Just as the inhabitants of Africa need a break from the heat, your audience will enjoy a brief respite and a bit of rest with “Cool Shades.” The closer, “Brush Fire and Rain” crackles and sizzles with excitement. You can almost feel the sense of relief as the welcoming rain brings the show to an exciting finish.

Take your audience on an incredible journey of a lifetime with “Africa!”