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Guard Audition Videos and Materials! Download And Use For Free!

We welcome you to your color guard tryout video and materials page. We would like to share this important information that will explain what is on this video and how to use it. Feel free to make as many copies of this as needed. You may also burn DVDs or share the link provided – Just make sure it is a private link, or link to this page! :-) 

You are getting a complete tryout routine to a popular stands tune. The sheet music to this tune is available to purchase through our company if you wish to use the routine at a later date for pep rallies or stands routines at a football or basketball game. If you would like to order the sheet music from us, please contact support@msconcepts.com or 800-356-4381

This video does not have extensive basics - we assume those will be taught once your squad has been selected. We believe the purpose of a tryout routine is to find the potential in your students, their commitment, and learning style. For Additional training, check out our Color Guard Concepts Video

After a brief introduction the tryout routine is taught in a detailed and slow manner using 16 count phrases (7 counts on the final phrase if you use the entire song). There is also a front and back view of the routine to the recorded music. You can watch this to see how the phrases fit with the music, but you must learn the routine from the phrase breakdown. Remember, you are encouraged to use the pause and rewind buttons as often as needed. There are three ways of teaching this routine:

1) Have one person (or more) learn the routine in advance and then teach it “live” to the students. You can always use the video as a reference while you are teaching.
2) Use the video as the instructor and the students would follow along and learn the routine as it is played in front of them (this requires the use of a TV or computer monitor. It is highly recommended that you have an adult oversee the remote to hit pause and rewind.
3) Supply each person trying out with their own DVD or Video Link. The routine can be learned at home, on weekends, or during band periods. You could also pair up a returning member with a newbie for supervision.

For any of the methods of teaching, you will want to make sure the majority of the students understand the phrase before you move on. You will also want to keep adding on as you learn. In other words, learn the first phrase, then learn the second phrase. Go back and put phrases 1 and 2 together. Learn the next phrase, then go back and put phrases 1, 2, 3 together and so on. The more you repeat each phrase, the more comfortable the students will become. The tryout routine does repeat halfway through which allows those trying to correct any mistakes they may have made during the first half of the song.

If you only want to perform the first part for tryouts (before the choreography repeats, that will work. Simply stop the music after the routine starts to repeat on the “Hit the Wall” phrase. If you decide to have the band perform this song later, you are free to adapt it by utilizing A/B groups or changing the direction of your performance - such as all face front the first time then every other person face backwards the next time through the phrase. Your tryout routine, however, should all be in unison.  

If you have any questions or we can do anything to help, feel free to reach out to us…we’d love to hear from you!

David, the choreographer’s e-mail is david@msconcepts.com or contact us at support@msconcepts.com and 800-356-4381

Need more training for your guard? We have you covered!

Colorguard Concepts Warm-ups & Techniques DVD - Marching Show Concepts
Colorguard Concepts Warm-ups & Techniques DVD - Marching Show Concepts

Colorguard Concepts Warm-ups & Techniques DVD


Color Guard Concepts

Colorguard concepts Warm-ups & Techniques is one of the most comprehensive, behind-the-scenes, hands-on training tools developed to specifically help guard members and their teachers build and maintain the foundation for amazing presentations. Each session offers clear, concise instruction and rudiments to build physical strength and mental confidence. Included:

  1. Introduction
  2. Stretches: Head, Neck, Shoulders, Arms
  3. Standing Stretches
  4. Lunges and Plie's
  5. Warm-ups
  6. Ballet Positions 1 through 5
  7. Plié and Relivé
  8. Tendu
  9. Foot Exercises with Music
  10. Flag Pole Parts & Sizes
  11. Right Shoulder Slam Sequence
  12. Drop Spins
  13. Flourishes
  14. Double Time Spins
  15. Thumb Flips
  16. Carving
  17. Pole Flips
  18. Pop Toss
  19. Money Hand Toss
  20. Ariels
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