Transitioning from high school to college marching band


For anyone who's just graduated high school with a college acceptance for the fall, you're probably spending the summer imagining what your life will be like once you arrive on campus. If you're planning on continuing your marching band career, you might also be wondering how you will transition from your high school experience. Here are some tips:

1. Don't fear change
You may cherish all your memories and friendships from high school band, but the more you hold onto them, the harder it will be to transition to this new experience. College marching band can be a lot different than what you did in high school, but don't be afraid of that change. Let go of the past and get ready for an enriching, exciting time.

Work life balance demonstration on chalk board.Balance your responsibilities so you can handle your busy schedule.

2. Prepare to balance
Once you start college, you'll be introduced to a number of new responsibilities. On top of your schoolwork, you'll have to manage social obligations, meals, chores and maybe even work schedules. Adding marching band rehearsals to all that can be overwhelming, but only if you aren't balanced and organized.

3. Get excited
It may seem scary now and even for the first few months, but once you settle into your new band and make friends, you will experience a love like no other. You have an advantage over other college students to make friends and get a well-rounded education that will more than prepare you for the world beyond school.

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