Summer reading: Marching band edition


What's on your summer reading list? A juicy beach read? A lengthy historical biography? Or anything to keep your mind sharp? If you're involved in marching band, your summer reading list should look a little different. Here are a few suggestions to help you find some good selections at the library or a bookstore:

1. A book about an important musician
Whether you reach back to the life and times of a famous composer like Beethoven or turn to more contemporary figures like Paul McCartney, reading about your heroes can keep you inspired this summer. You might be surprised to learn who's shared some of your musical roots and how they translated those skills into careers.

A woman reading and drinking coffee in the library.Your summer reading list should keep your mind sharp.

2. A book that exercises your brain
Playing music can do wonders for your brain. If you're taking a break from it this summer, reading can be a great substitute to keep your mind working. Find books that include exercises or subject matter that challenges you and forces you to keep the gears turning while marching band is out of session.

3. A book that teaches you a new skill
You should also find an item for your summer reading list that will help you develop a new skill. Look for industry-specific books that instruct you on how to refine or learn something you can bring to marching band rehearsals at summer's end and impress your director and bandmates.

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