Summer fitness tips for drum corps


While other kids are spending their summer breaks lounging on the beach, drum corps members will be taking the time to get (or stay) in shape for the upcoming season. Nobody wants to start off feeling like the drills and routines are kicking their butts. To help you get fit this summer, here are some pointers for a successful work out routine:

1. Start with a stretch
As it helps you warm up and avoid injury, stretching is essential to any physical activity. If you're training your body or rehearsing this summer, start every session with a solid five to 10 minutes of stretching, according to Drum Corps Planet.

2. Run in stages
Running is a fantastic way to get in shape and build endurance before a drum corps season. However, unless you're a seasoned runner, you don't want to do too much too quickly. This can lead to fatigue and injury. Instead, start off small and work your way up to longer distances or times. To save your knees from the negative effects of the impact, switch it up and spend some running days on an elliptical.

A meal plan and sports equipment. A good fitness routine includes a healthy diet.

3. Stay healthy
Getting fit is about more than just working out. Your body needs a lot to stay in top shape, and that includes a healthy diet and plenty of hydration. Make sure you're consuming enough nutrients and water.

"Eat well four times per day to replenish salt and nutrients that are lost in sweat," Dr. Craig Bales, who works with the Cavaliers, told Marching Channel. "Feed those muscles that are really getting a workout."

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