Not another bake sale: 3 great alternative band fundraising ideas

Sure, bake sales are a time-tested way to raise money for band trips and supplies, but after years of repetitive bake sales for every school organization you can imagine, people tend to get tired of them. Here are a few more innovative, modern ways to go about earning money for the band:

  • Sell electronics. It's a fact of life that our electronic devices are with us everywhere we go, and we often forget all the accessories we need in order to use them. Therefore, setting up a stand in the cafeteria during lunch selling small electronic accessories like cell phone chargers and headphones can be a great way to fundraise. Plus, you make much more money per purchase than you do selling brownies.
  • Host a meal. People are more likely to want to support the band if there's something in it for them, and if that something is food, they'll be flocking to give you money in no time. Hosting a meal, like a pancake breakfast, chili cook-off or spaghetti night, is a great way to bring the band community together and raise funds while you're at it. You can even have the band give a short performance at the event.
  • Get sponsored by a local company. It's not just Little League teams that can benefit from local sponsorship. By giving a local business advertising space in your programs and flying their banner at events, you can raise a significant amount of money without your students having to sell any material objects at all. Just make sure that the business is an establishment you want your band to be associated with.

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