How to prep your band for a parade


Though Independence Day has passed – arguably the king of parade holidays – the year still has plenty of massive and exciting parades in store. Of course, there is the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, which features top marching bands from all over the country. There are also competitions and festivals nationwide that annually celebrate the art of marching in a parade.

If your band is marching a parade route, here are some ways you can help them prepare:

Make sure they can step together
While parade sequences don't necessarily require the same level of choreography that a field show would, it still means that your musicians need to look as uniform as possible, as Halftime Magazine pointed out.

"It should start with fundamentals, lots of fundamentals," Jeff Young, who owns the educational company Dynamic Marching, told the source. "Make sure each student understands the step well enough that they can describe it to another student. Upperclassmen should model it for the underclassmen."

"Your musicians need to look as uniform as possible."

Help them stay healthy
Parades last longer than your typical performance, which means your band will need extra endurance to stay in top shape throughout. Remind them to eat well and exercise in the days leading up to the parade and to hydrate frequently as they march.

Practice, practice, practice
Big, televised parades select entertaining and talented marching bands to participate. To get to that level, your band will need plenty of rehearsal time under its belt to qualify. If you're not trying to play in the big leagues, though, performing in smaller, local parades is still a worthy experience for your group.

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