Focus on How You Can Adapt to be Your Best

Our economy has experienced incredible changes over the past few years. There have been numerous budget cuts and program consolidations that have plagued all of us. It's likely you know someone (or you are that someone) who has recently experienced a bit of panic.

Do you remember the story of Chicken Little? She thought the sky was falling because an acorn fell and hit her head. Chicken Little and her friends panicked because their belief was that disaster was imminent. The fact was — it was just an acorn! The sky wasn't falling. But in their minds, they believed it was.

Here's the good news: Change corrects complications. And change gives you the opportunity to discover new solutions to existing problems.

Here are a few thoughts that can help you take control of the changes around you.

Look Up. Have you ever attempted to juggle? The secret to keeping all the balls in the air is looking up. If you focus on your hands, you lose sight of the balls coming down. The same is true with your band program. Don't focus all your attention on the problem at hand — look up — focus on the solutions and the opportunity. Yes, things could turn to the worse. But the good news is it will get better. If you believe good will prevail, you'll maintain the strength to find success.

It's all about your attitude. As many have said in the past, "Attitude isn't what happens to you. It's what you do with what happens to you." You have a choice when faced with a challenge. If you complain, you'll find the evidence to support why you won't succeed. People look for signs to confirm their beliefs. If you think someone doesn't like you, you'll focus on that person's actions to align with your belief. Understand that you can't control the outside influences in your life. These influences can range from the weather, to administrators, to your students, to your feeder program. When you're aware how these influences can positively and negatively affect your attitude, you can better prepare. Realize that you can improve on how you respond to what happens to you. Focus on the good and remember that your thoughts become reality.

Check your blind spots. When you back up your car or change lanes, you look in the mirror and over your shoulders. The problem is there's always a blind spot. Have you ever thought the coast was clear, only to back into your mailbox or trash can? The people who will succeed in unsettling times are those who don't get too comfortable. If you continue to do things the same way you have the past few years, you'll lose. What are you doing today to discover your professional blind spots? Right now, your greatest opportunities are around you if you take a close look.  Focus on how you can adapt to be your best.

There's a reason why your car's rear view mirror is smaller than your windshield. What happens behind you isn't nearly as important as what is in front of you. And don't worry, the sky isn't falling. There are going to be tremendous opportunities for people who stay positive and focus on making a difference. Don't worry about the sky, it's just acorns.