4 traits of a great band director


As a band director, you're probably always thinking about improving your musicians and making sure you put on the best show possible. However, it pays to look in the mirror once in a while and assess your own skills. While you may possess many (if not all) of the qualities of a good band director, how do you stack up against a great one?

1. They're also great educators
According to School Band & Orchestra magazine, the role of band directors today is more versatile than before. So, it makes sense that a great band director will also be a great educator. The National Association for Music Education defines a great music teacher as someone who can connect with his students, understanding each one's potential, and effectively communicate his knowledge (meaning he can make it interesting and fun).

2. They're attentive to detail
Hearing a small mistake in a large group of students takes a particularly great band director. However, this talent doesn't necessarily come from superb aural skills. Sometimes it's just how well you know your musicians.

A great band director can hear small errors among a large group of musicians.A great band director can hear small errors among a large group of musicians.

3. They're enthusiastic
A survey by SBO Magazine showed that band directors across the country rank enthusiasm as one of the most important traits to have, even more important than a knowledge of music history and theory. If your passion for marching band is palpable, your students will start to feel it themselves.

4. They foster independence
A great band director, much like a great teacher, will teach her students well enough so they don't need her anymore. The role of band director is not to be at the center of attention, but rather to build a band that can put on impressive shows without having to rely on constant guidance.

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