4 show ideas that will captivate your audience: Part 2


One of the biggest challenges in marching band is creating a show that demonstrates and builds on your band's skills while simultaneously entertaining an audience. It's not always simple, especially if the crowd isn't there to see a marching band. In part one, we suggested selecting recognizable music or extracting themes from popular culture. Now, in part two of this series, we'll discuss the final two ways you can create a crowd-pleasing field show:

1. Tailor your show for your audience
If you're playing at halftime for an important football game, why not make your show emphasize that? You can encourage some team spirit or call out your rivals. Visually, you can use your team's colors and possibly involve a mascot in the production. This is a simple, tried-and-true way to help your band's show feel like a bigger part of the event, thus engaging your audience.

Marching band lines up on athletic track.Even small bands can create a big sound to grab an audience's attention.

2. Make it sound big
Finally, one of the simplest ways to connect with your crowd is by creating a big sound. Keep in mind that sounding big isn't the same as playing loud. It's about practicing and making sure each member of your band is comfortable with the material. This is how even small bands can create a big sound if they play well and confidently. Having a big sound is sure to grab your audience's attention and help them focus on the show, drowning out any other distractions.

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