3 tricks to making quick but smart choices


As a band director working with a short time frame, the ability to make quick yet smart choices is an invaluable one. To help you better prepare for the upcoming season, here are three tricks that can help you with better and faster decision-making:

1. Give yourself a deadline
It's easy to hem and haw over a decision if you have all the time in the world to do so. Give yourself a strict timeline for certain decisions so you're forced to do the work to reach a conclusion as soon as possible.

A man working against the clock.Give yourself a strict deadline so you don't have time to second guess your decisions.

2. Don't worry
The reason why we tend to spend so much time considering the pros and cons of our choices is because of the weight we give them. If you think of every decision you make as a matter of life and death, you're not going to be motivated to make it snappy. Remind yourself of what really rides on this choice and spend an appropriate amount of time on it according to that.

3. Know what you need
If indecision means not knowing what you want, then the simplest way to combat it would be to take the time to consider what you actually want or need. When it comes to make choices for your marching band, such as selecting a show, you're better off if you have an idea of what your band needs to get out of it before you're presented with the decision.

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