3 accessories every band needs


As a band director, you may be thinking about the big picture a lot: How can I bring my band to competition? What can I do to help them succeed? In these larger thoughts, you might forget about some of the smaller details. Accessories, for example, can often fall by the wayside, but definitely can play a part in your band's success. Here are three that every band needs to succeed:

1. Fun t-shirts
Allow your band to wear its pride even when they're out of uniform. T-shirts help raise awareness of your band in the community, and give your musicians an opportunity to continue to show their support.

2.  A good pair of shoes
Think of how much time your band spends on its feet, and the sum of the hours might shock you. With that in mind, your band needs shoes that can withstand all rehearsals and performances throughout the season. If anything, shoes may be the most important accessories a band could have, so consider these as an integral part of the uniform. They should be as supportive and comfortable as your band needs.

Marching band in uniformYour band's shoes are integral to the rest of its uniform.

3. Sturdy flag poles
Don't forget about color guard when you consider all the accessories your band needs to succeed. Flag poles need to be light enough to carry and incorporate in choreography, yet sturdy enough to endure all that use.

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