Zodiac (Grade 3+)

  • Zodiac (Grade 3+)

Zodiac (Grade 3+)



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1.  When Aries Met Taurus
2.  Duality of Gemini
3.  Call of Pisces
4.  Scorpio's Last Stand

Composer:  J. R. Trimpe, Michael Wrobel
Total Time:  6:52

In astrology, the zodiac denotes those signs which divide the ecliptic into twelve equal zones of celestial longitude. The term zodiac means "circle of animals.” The name is motivated by the fact that many of the signs of the classical Greek zodiac are represented as animals. J.R. Trimpe pays homage to five of the signs in this spellbinding composition.

The opener of “When Aries Met Taurus” starts with a trombone solo that plays the zodiac theme. It's built in perfect fifths, like Strauss did with Also Sprach Zarathustra. This theme is what most of the show is based on. The cut-off for the opener is the prep for the next song so it allows the productions to flow together seamlessly. Various woodwind soloists are featured in “Duality of Gemini.” They go back and forth, adding in more players as the song goes on. J.R. portrays two different personalities to represent Gemini and its duality. Again, the cut-off is the prep to the ballad for a seamless transition. For the ballad, “Call of Pisces,” the brass fade away and allow the woodwinds to be featured under a trumpet solo. The melody incorporates a bit of the zodiac theme from the opener. The underlying inspiration behind this song was that of a fish (Pisces) swimming upstream. You can hear this in the bass line as it continually ascends through the entire song. The end of the ballad is the first time there is a true cut off. “Scorpio” brings back the opening percussion groove before pushing to the end while bringing back a number of the themes from the front half of the show.

“Zodiac” has success written in the stars!