Veni, Vidi, Vici (Grade 3)

  • Veni, Vidi, Vici (Grade 3)

Veni, Vidi, Vici (Grade 3)



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1.  The Rise to Office
2.  Cleopatra
3.  Death to the Tyrant

4. Full Show with Sound FX

Composer:  Rob Stein, Sean Combes
Total Time:  7:39

Rob Stein has always been a huge fan of the Roman Empire and its history, especially Julius Caesar. A few years ago HBO came out with a series called ROME that gave him the final inspiration to write this show. Caesar was such a profound and influential leader, and a brilliant military commander. Yet, he also had a very dark side with several character flaws, including his lust for power, which ultimately destroyed him.
Here is the storyline Rob followed when writing this powerful production:
Rise to Office (preshow), War, Dictatorship - Through the movement, Caesar's rise to office and victory in Gaul lead the way to his self declaration of power.
Cleopatra - Caesar chases his enemy Pompey to Egypt where he meets Cleopatra and they bear a child. The preferable solo instrument here is soprano saxophone. Death to the Tyrant - Caesar returns from Egypt and declares himself a dictator for life.
As for your visual presentation, the music and Roman theme are ripe with possibilities. Imagine large Roman columns placed strategically throughout your field (or around the perimeter). Large busts in the pit, perhaps even the pit in authentic Roman outfits! You could go so far as to create a balcony or stage for some of your action to take place.
All your band visuals need to be majestic and stately!
As for your auxiliary, there are many ways to achieve your desired look. One suggestion would be to incorporate short tunics, or leggings with flowing skirts, perhaps ribbons wrapped up the legs, Flowers or ribbons in the hair would also add a nice touch. You may as choose to pull out all the stops for your drum major outfits. Whether they are male or female, there are numerous authentic looking options for you to use.
The flag colors need to incorporate red, purple, gold and white for even more effect.
A quick internet search with these key words will provide you and your design team with a wealth of information: Roman costumes, Roman architecture, Roman images.
Do not be afraid to go all out with this superb production!

Other Options for “Veni, Vidi, Vici”:
1) Caesar and Cleopatra – you could leave out the voice overs (or create new ones) and base you production on this infamous love story.

2) Rise and Fall: The Story of the Roman Empire – your story line (and possible voice overs) would describe the rise and fall of one of the greatest civilizations in history.