Titans (Grade 3+)

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Titans (Grade 3+)



Music Files Below (left click to listen, right click to download)

1.  Helius: Titan of the Sun
2.  Selene: Titan of the Moon
3.  Eos:  Titan of the Dawn

4. Full Show with Sound FX

Composer:  Austin Switzer, Switzer/Johnson
Total Time:  7:34

Austin Switzer used three titans as inspiration for this composition.
For the first 1st movement Helius (Titan of the sun), Austin researched pictures of titans and there was one of Helius riding a horse. He looked very triumphant so Austin tried to covey that through this movement. The opening is the sun coming out behind the clouds followed by triumphant melodies.
The Second movement, Selene (Titan of the moon), was inspired by a very clear night and the moon was almost full. Also, on the day that Austin wrote this movement he had been listening to some arrangements of Amazing Grace which is a sort of counter melody in the horns to the trumpet main melody a few phrases in. Austin describes movement two as calm and serene.
For the third movement titled Eos (Titan if the dawn), Austin was on his way to school one morning. Very early before dawn and the sun came up as he was arriving to school and was thinking about how that would sound. Austin jotted down a few things on some scratch paper and went home that day and tried his best to remember them. The chorale in the closer is the melody from the 2nd movement with running lines in the mallets that are from the 1st movement. The closer is very triumphant sounding.
With this information in mind, you can create numerous multi-faceted backdrops (either three-sided props that rotate or flat backdrops with three different coverings) to depict a visual representation for each movement and place them around the perimeter of your performance area. You could also continue these scenes with lower props across the front sidelines and around your pit area.
As for your auxiliary, there are many ways to achieve your desired look. One suggestion would be to incorporate short tunics, or leggings with flowing skirts, perhaps ribbons wrapped up the legs. Flowers or ribbons in the hair would also add a nice touch.
The music of “Titans” stands on its own. It is not necessary to create an elaborate storyline to present to your audience. As long as the students are aware of their role – stately, majestic, mythological titans, they should have no trouble conveying this message.

Other Options for “Titans”:
1) Once Upon at Time – how about a presentation of a beloved children’s fairy tale?

2) Enchanted Forest – Immerse your audience in fanciful and colorful world of oversized flowers, lush greenery, pixies and fairies.