River (The) (Grade 3)

  • River (The) (Grade 3)

River (The) (Grade 3)



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1.  One Tiny Drop
2.  The River
3.  Grand Rapids
4.  Into the Ocean

Composer:  J. R. Trimpe, Michael Wrobel
Total Time:  7:08

Just like a river, this show by J. R. Trimpe is essentially one continuous movement. All songs lead directly into each other. The break between the first 2 songs is metered so the second song can pick right up where you leave off in the opener. One Tiny Drop is meant to depict the start of the river, up in the mountains, making its meager beginnings. A raging river has to start somewhere. The opening segment can be either a complete sax choir or a trio. The second song (The River) picks up where the first left off and is the ballad. It's supposed to depict a wide, lazy river, slowly streaming its way downstream. It should almost feel like you are laying in the sun on a raft, going wherever the current takes you... this segues into the Grand Rapids which depicts a raging river: fast-moving and aggressive rapids ending with what might be the rocks before the waterfall. Into the Ocean brings you to the mouth of the river opening up into the ocean through the port of a big city. You can even hear some of the energy of the city life in the big ending.
If you would like to incorporate backdrops and front flats into your field show production, you could start with a mountain on the left side (if looking at the field and each back drop in sequence would depict a scene of your river flowing from the mountain, down to the valley, through the woods, plains, small towns, farmland and finally to a large city and the ocean.
Your auxiliary can be outfitted in a costume with a wave motif, color blocked from dark blue on the bottom to light blue on top or use one the costuming ideas from the other options listed below.

Other options for “The River”:

1) A River Runs Through It – wouldn’t it be fun to outfit the auxiliary in waders and fishing caps/vests trying to land the perfect catch?

2) The River Why – base your show on the movie and book written by David James Duncan. The auxiliary (and pit) can dress in khakis, blue jean shirts over white t-shirts for a casual, modern look.