Hei$t (The) (Grade 3+)

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Hei$t (The) (Grade 3+)



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1.  Laying Plans
2.  Breaking In
3.  Escape

4. Full Show with Sound FX

Composer:  Jeff Chambers, Christopher Grant
Total Time:  7:38

The music of The Hei$t is meant to capture the excitement of all the great spy shows such as Mission Impossible and James Bond. It features a jazz section in the opener, a beautiful ballad and an exciting closer with a variety of music that will match up well with your visual effects. The Heist is the perfect musical vehicle to present a story to the audience. As with any show that portray an "event," you will want to sit down with your design team to create a storyline for your presentation. Also, consider who will portray the thieves (the most obvious would be your auxiliary or you could use additional performers to carry out the job). You will also need to decide on the type of heist that will take place; a bank robbery, jewel theft or museum art would all make wonderful themes.