Spies (Grade 4)

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Spies (Grade 4)



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1.  Accepting the Mission
2.  Mysterious Shadows
3.  Lady with a Secret
4.  The Nemesis
5.  The Doomsday Device
6.  A Cool Getaway

7. Full Show with Sound FX

Composer:  Sean Wagoner, Alan Keown
Total Time:  7:43

Everyone loves a story of mystery and intrigue. Sean Wagoner has compiled all the elements of a great spy thriller into his composition, appropriately titled "Spies." In "Accepting the Mission" Sean uses driving tempos (at one point scored at 175 b.p.m.) to build the excitement. "Mysterious Shadows" slows just a bit, but the battery keeps the rhythmic pulse. A seamless segue leads to "Lady with a Secret?" that is jazzy and bluesy. "The Nemesis" keeps up the fast pace marked with staccato hits over a challenging drum break. "The Doomsday Device!" builds in intensity to set up the finale. Since no spy story would be complete without a swingin' and stylish getaway, Sean recreates an exciting ending in "A Cool Getaway!" This composition contains driving tempos and an exploration of jazz with heavy emphasis on musicianship and physical stamina. "Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to bring "Spies" to the marching field!"