Silence is Golden (Grade 3)

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Silence is Golden (Grade 3)



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1.  Dissonance
2.  Hush
3.  Silence

4. Full Show with Sound FX

Composer:  Alex Yoder, Mike Scheele, Chad Gay
Total Time:  7:05

Are you looking for a show that has golden opportunities? Alex Yoder’s “Silence is Golden” is filled with silent moments that should be supported by visuals, usually featuring the guard, which could have gold uniforms and different variations of gold flags (with other colors interspersed). Each movement tries to display a different use of silence in music. The opener uses it as anticipation, the ballad uses it as a "sigh" or "breath,” and the closer uses it as a way to form different rhythm patterns as well as bringing back the anticipation aspect from the opener.

The opener of “Dissonance” cleverly intersperses silence with sharp chords and rhythms that build up the anticipation. “Hush” is a chance for the audience and performers to enjoy a brief moment of calm (Enjoy the Silence). The closer, “Silence,” brings back the anticipation and brief breaks of silence from the opener and then builds to an exciting climax. The quiet ending is a wonderful way to recapture the silence.

Go for musical gold with “Silence is Golden!”