• Scarecrow - Marching Show Concepts




**Please contact us to inquire about regional conflicts that may affect show availability. If you purchase the show, and there isn't availability for your group, you will be given a chance to pick another show, or to request a refund**

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In this indoor percussion show, we explore how we have gotten away from real food and have moved towards a synthetic food. The Scarecrow is the hero that takes back the food and saves us from ourselves!

Class: Open

Time: 5:40

- Snare
- Tenor
- Bass Drums (4/5)
- Cymbals
- Glockenspiel
- Marimbas (2-5)
- Vibes (2-5)
- Xylophone/Crotales (1)
- Rack (2-3)
- Synthesizer (2)
- Drumset
- Sampler Part

- Music scores and parts in pdf format
- Battery and front ensemble click tracks
- All samples separated
- Show template for Mainstage interface
- Count sheet in excel and pdf format