Outside the Box (Grade 3+)

  • Outside the Box (Grade 3+)

Outside the Box (Grade 3+)



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1.  Outside the Box
2.  View From Above
3.  The Fourth Wall
4.  Inside the Outside

Composer:  J. R. Trimpe, Michael Wrobel
Total Time:  7:25

JR Trimpe set out to write an original composition that was both energetic and optimistic with "Outside the Box". The basis for almost everything in the show comes from the first ten measures of the opener. As JR states, "Scale degrees of 5-8-9 would be what you would get if you put the show in a blender and strained out all the extra stuff." You hear it in the opening pit ostinato, the woodwind melody, and throughout the whole show. "View from Above" is designed to be a seamless transition. This ballad is reflective and emotional. "The Fourth Wall" is funky and exudes energy. It gives everyone a little breather before the big push to the end. The show ends with "Inside the Outside" which ties everything together for a grand finale. A strong battery and pit section will help propel this show. "Take a chance and think outside-the-box for your field show this season!"