Night Terrors (Grade 3)

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Night Terrors (Grade 3)



Music Files Below (left click to listen, right click to download)

1.  Who is Afraid of the Dark
2.  The Darkness Unknown
3.  Shadow Dance and Finale

4. Full Show with Sound FX

Composer:  Jason Nitsch
Total Time:  6:33

Fear of the night and the unknown is a great premise for many a marching band show. Jason Nitsch has created the perfect vehicle for your very own fright night
that will showcase your band’s strengths and creativity.
You may wish to start with a classic horror film theme or literature (Edgar Allen Poe, for example) as inspiration for your setting. Consider the addition of voice overs with dialogue or phrases that would heighten the sense of horror.
You could create a sense of eeriness on the field through the use of large backdrops that surround the perimeter of your drill area. Three different options would be to utilize large trees (complete with hanging moss), pillars and monuments for an outdoor look, large walls to create the look of the inside of an old mansion, or recreate a child’s bedroom (where so many scary things can take place).
If you want the auxiliary to portray the “unseen terror” their costuming should be dark and macabre. Include theatrical makeup for the auxiliary and the pit. This show is not light hearted, so keep your color scheme in the dark hues of black, grey, red, maroon, and purple. Your flag colors could also add a shock of neon or metallic. If you wish for the auxiliary to be a character that is terrorized, you could outfit them in pajamas and night clothes.
The more you create a mood of suspense and intrigue, the better this show will be received by your audience. Don’t be afraid of going over the top! It is very important that every performer understand their character for this theme. All visuals need to be performed with a sinister motivation. Small gestures and small props will not be effective.  
You may also want to accessorize your band uniforms and head gear. Adding fabric sashes, arm ribbons, and a dark plume can further enhance the mood. You could also add theatrical makeup under the performers’ eyes to give a sunken and solemn look.

Other Options for “Night Terrors”:
1) The House on Haunted Hill – Audiences love a great thrill so give them everything you’ve got? Ghosts, zombies, the grim reaper! This music just screams for special effects and scary characters. The more intense feeling, the better.

2) Scary Tales – Have you ever thought about all the fairy tales that actual have a macabre plot? Hansel and Gretel, Little Red Riding Hood and Rumpelstilsken, are just a few examples. This could be a visually intriguing show with the right props and voice overs. And don’t forget the Happily Ever After!