New Orleans Sketches (Grade 3)

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New Orleans Sketches (Grade 3)



Music Files Below (left click to listen, right click to download)

1.  Part 1
2.  Part 2
3.  Part 3

4. Full Show with Sound FX

Composer:  Tim Hinton, Gregg Havey
Total Time:  7:33

The idea, of course, is to perform a show about New Orleans, so we start with iconic music that is universally loved and reminds people immediately of New Orleans. The opening is thoughtful and includes a flute soloist accompanied by the front ensemble playing the Faure “Pavane.” Your visuals should represent strolling through the streets of New Orleans, possibly in the morning, and then encountering street musicians. One by one a trumpet, tuba, and snare drum enter playing a typical Dixieland-type tune. This builds until the entire ensemble has joined in for a rousing, fun, and upbeat opening production that sets the stage for the energy and jazzy vibe of the French Quarter.
Part Two begins with a jazzy motif in the saxophones which is repeated to bring tension. Your idea could be encountering a card shark or “shadow man” type of character who tries to con your performers or lead them intro trouble. This journey toward the “dark side” of New Orleans builds through jazz improvisation and drum moments toward a dark crisis.
At the beginning of Part Three (the ballad) you have ‘hit bottom’ on your journey to the darker, seedy side of life, and a soloist plays “Amazing Grace” superimposed with the Faure “Pavane”. This moment of redemption grows to its climax with the full band moment.
For the conclusion, a Dixieland combo strikes up a Dixieland version of “Amazing Grace” and your band celebrates their return to grace and the lighter, more fun side of New Orleans. The show ends with this celebration and builds to an up-tempo energetic conclusion.

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