Lessons Of Life (Grade 3)

  • Lessons Of Life (Grade 3) - Marching Show Concepts

Lessons Of Life (Grade 3)



Music File Below (left click to listen, right click to download)

1. Pre-Show Warm Up
2. Discovery
3. Pursuit
4. Love and Loss
5. A Gracious Life

6. Full Show with Sound FX

Here is an amazing marching band composition that is mature and sophisticated, yet playful as well.  “Lessons for Life” delves into theemotions of our everyday lives.  Just as our existence has moments of highs, lows, great happiness, and profound sorrow, Michael Pote’s scoring invites the performers and audience to explore and revel in a variety of life lessons. 

“A remarkable and thought-provoking composition that is sure to awaken the senses!”


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