Joy! (Grade 3)

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Joy! (Grade 3)



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1.  Part 1
2.  Part 2
3.  Part 3

4. Full Show with Sound FX

Composer:  Michael Pote, Michael McIntosh
Total Time:  7:00

What brings joy to your and your students? A beautiful sunrise or sunset, acing a test, seeing family and friends? Of course, the list is endless and will certainly vary depending on your situation. Mike Pote’s uplifting and totally inspiring composition is the perfect vehicle if you want to present a field show that is fun, engaging, and simply a joy to watch and participate in.
Your first decision will be what type of story you want to develop. This does not have to be elaborate by any means.
One example is simply to select flag colors/designs and auxiliary costumes that are up-beat, colorful and joyful and present a show with no hidden meanings. Big smiles, exaggerated visuals (or sometimes even a sly wink or head bop will do the trick) will go far in leaving your audience and performers feeling completely satisfied when you are finished. You will long be remembered even after you leave the field. “I can’t put my finger on it, but that show just made me feel good” could be a running motto for your season.
Of course there is always the other end of the spectrum. You and your design staff may choose to pull out all the stops with your joyous presentation. Colorful backdrops, ramps, stages, elaborate costumes (maybe even new plumes, sashes, or overlays for the band proper), and voice overs can all create a memorable experience.
Where to start with this path? First select your storyline. Here are just a few examples that you could develop (or perhaps they will spark your creative juices to go another direction): A student’s journal entries (blog or twitter could work also), special celebrations (birthdays, holidays, school milestones), or What is Joy? with famous quotes about joy.
Once you select your storyline, you can then decide how to utilize your backdrops and props (colorful art work? actual photographs? words and phrases plastered everywhere?). You can also choose to incorporate voice overs and need to decide if you want to use student voices, children’s voices (more whimsical) or adult voices (there is a difference between male and female voice overs).
Just like with the simple presentation, your auxiliary costuming and flags should be bright and up-beat.
It bears repeating that presentation of Joy! can be as minimal or over-the-top as you see fit. If played and marched well, this show will be a highlight of the season.

Other Options for “Joy!”
1) Everyday Heroes – how about a celebration of those in your community and our world that bring us joy by what they contribute?

2) Joy-Us! This could be an alternate title if you wish to present a show highlighting your students’