Haunted (Grade 2+)

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Haunted (Grade 2+)



Music Files Below (left click to listen, right click to download)

1.  Part 1
2.  Part 2
3.  Part 3

Full show (this is a dropbox link due to the size of the file). Feel free to download to your computer after you click on the link. 

4. Full Show with Sound FX and Preshow

Composer:  Jeff Chambers, James Layman, Christopher Grant
Total Time:  7:38 (9:24 with preshow)

Movies and television shows with zombies and haunted houses and strange occurrences are all the rage. Jeff Chambers has created this chilling three-part homage to the horror genre. The sky (or in this case, the deep!) is the limit for your visual presentation of Haunted. Jeff has incorporated numerous musical references throughout his production to keep your audience intrigued and on the edge of their seats! You may wish to draw upon on a famous movie/television show for your inspiration or create your own haunting tale. You could have the band proper be one character and the auxiliary the opposite (such as zombies versus high school students or aliens versus town folks). You should also not be afraid (pun intended) to add scary voices such as moans, screams, chants and so on. This show promises to be a hit wherever it plays so don't be timid with your presentation. After all, you only live once - or do you? As with any Center X Productions show, visual concepts can be changed to fit the needs of your group. This show offers many unique musical moments and ideas that would work well with many themes or guard ideas.