Gypsy Life (Grade 3+)

  • Gypsy Life (Grade 3+)

Gypsy Life (Grade 3+)



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1.  Wanderlust
2.  Good Fortune
3.  Wayfarers

Composer:  Lewis Norfleet, Melissa David, Alan Keown
Total Time:  7:24

This show was inspired by the adventurous flavor of the music of the Mediterranean and Arabia. This intriguing palette of sounds and rhythms has its root in dance, which is a large part of the ethnic music of these regions. The first movement, “Wanderlust,” is full of adventurous melodic content. Many soloists are highlighted, including a mini percussion break. The opener comes to a close with a rousing tag.
The show continues with “Good Fortune”. A mystic ostinato is set up by the front ensemble in which a trumpet and baritone duet carries the tune. You won’t want to miss this lush ballad! The front half of “The Wayfarers” is centered around the percussion section, during which the trumpets get a burning, but playable soli while the rest of the winds are integrated in as well. The final tag brings back some of the opener material and the shows comes to a stirring, and dramatic close.
In the words of Lewis Norfleet, “This is a show your audiences will enjoy, judges will appreciate, and your kids will absolutely love to play. I hope you enjoy performing “The Gypsy Life” as much as I enjoyed writing it.”