Four Suits (Grade 4+)

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Four Suits (Grade 4+)



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1.  Diamonds
2.  Spades
3.  Hearts
4.  Clubs

5. Full Show with Sound FX

Composer:  Andrew Yozviak, Darren Hazlett
Total Time:  7:17

"Four Suits" is a straight forward production that explores each suit in a deck of cards. The show opens with "Diamonds". A driving pit intro sets the stage for a spirited and sparkling opener that pays homage to familiar songs about diamonds. This segues seamlessly into "Spades" with a Basie-style harmonization and swing tempo. "Hearts" slows down dramatically and features a lush horn solo that is followed by a full band push. "Clubs" could also be called The Club, as Andy presents a fast-paced and bouncy closer that prominently features your pit drum set. "Four Suits" is designed for music programs that have achieved a high skill level and proficiency in various styles of music. "Give your audience the luck of the draw as you deal them "Four Suits"!"