Exotic Impressions (Grade 5)

  • Exotic Impressions (Grade 5)

Exotic Impressions (Grade 5)



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1.  Crossing The Border
2.  Sandstorm
3.  Gifts of the Earth
4.  Mecca

Composer:  Lewis Norfleet, Alan Keown
Total Time:  7:56

From composers Lewis Norfleet and Alan Keown, we proudly present "Exotic Impressions." We begin our global journey with "Crossing the Border" which manages to intermingle both old and new world musical ideas blending together bringing to mind many far off lands. "Sandstorm" begins with a low rumble, slowly building to a feature for each section as well as utilizing fascinating non-native instruments such as Sitar. "Gifts of The Earth" brings to mind cool Arabian nights with an enchanting horn feature/solo sure to make even the steeliest Pharaoh weep. "Mecca" closes this production with blistering tempi, fast features, and racing harmonic lines as we literally take the audience home, where we belong. Bring Exotic Impressions home to your students, today!