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Distanced Learning



MSConcepts is here for you during these unprecedented times. In response to the global pandemic and the need for on-line/distance education, our team now offers a series of distanced learning packages that can be used as part of your curriculum.

Each package consists of the following:

  • 3-4 Music Charts (shipped directly from the publisher to minimize handling).
  • A downloadable and streamable link to Flag Choreography
  • General Effect Handbook of body visuals in PDF and streamed video formats).
  • Color Guard Concepts Instructional Video (Link for you and your students)
  • Creative Body Movement (Link for you and your students)
  • Lot Pro (Four Percussion and Front Ensemble exercises and two cadences with fun backing tracks for your battery and front ensemble)!

To help with your daily curriculum, we have also included a guide on possible ways to implement these resources. We've included ideas on how/what you can grade, extra credit, and how to use all of the resources. If other educators bring us any additional ideas/opportunities with these shows, you will be informed of those as well, as we are in this together!

Our packages are in 4 grade levels based on the difficulty level of the choreography and visuals. Music grade levels vary in each package.

These packages are meant to be utilized once for each of your 9 weeks. If you plan on using this the entire year, and you have four 9-week periods in your school's calendar, we would recommend purchasing four of the distanced learning packages. 

We will offer discounts if you decide to purchase more than one, and yes, you can come back and purchase an additional package at a later date. Lastly, keep in mind, that if you'd like to add on pre-designed or custom drill if you have the opportunity to go outside and learn, this is something that can be added as well.

**For those that have purchased a show already: If you'd like us to put together a distanced learning package for your show, please let us know...even if the show wasn't purchased from us!

Distanced Learning Pricing:

Grades 1-2

1st Package: $895
2nd Package: $795
3rd Package: $695
4th Package: $595

Grades 3-4

1st Package: $995
2nd Package: $895
3rd Package: $795
4th Package: $695

Shipping: $30 per package

Lot Pro Samples (click on the files to listen below):

Exercise 1 
Exercise 2
Exercise 3
Exercise 4
Cadence 1
Cadence 2

Available Shows:

(Click a poster to listen to the music)