Dark Place Within (Grade 3)

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Dark Place Within (Grade 3)



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1.  Anxiety Disorder
2.  Within Solitude
3.  Conscious Serenity

4. Full Show with Sound FX

Composer:  Michael Pote, Michael McIntosh
Total Time: 7:12

Michael Pote has purposely created a composition that explores the darker side of humankind in "Dark Place Within". Michael explores the yin and yang of Evil vs. Good. Throughout the show (especially in the lyrical moments) the winds and front ensemble will creep in with an "E" concert that eerily conveys evil rearing its ugly head. (It is important to note that the string parts are optional, every string moment is orchestrated in the winds and front ensemble.) The opener of "Anxiety Disorder" is anxious and foreboding as it explores our inner thoughts. "Solitude" seeks to find a place of solace, peace and harmony. The closer, "Conscious Serenity", begins with a battle and ends (as we all hope it would) with Good triumphing over Evil. The tempos in "Dark Place Within" start at a lyrical 86 in the opener and build to break-neck 180 in the closer. Bands will require stamina and control in order to perform this show. "Explore your inner conscience with "Dark Place Within"!"