Concrete Jungle (Grade 3+)

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Concrete Jungle (Grade 3+)



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1.  Gridlock
2.  Rush Hour
3.  Open Road

4. Full Show with Sound FX

Composer:  Michael Pote, Michael McIntosh
Total Time:  7:26

Who can forget that first trip down the road after just obtaining your driver's license? Michael Pote has created a composition that is a tribute to our fascination with the automobile and a few inevitable driving experiences in "Concrete Jungle." There is great interaction between the pit and winds in "Gridlock". The lyrical movement in "Rush Hour" purposely has a constant ostinato under it that is much faster than the rest of the material. Once the congestion clears, you are ready to floor it and enjoy "The Open Road" with the wind in your hair and a song in your heart. "Concrete Jungle" has solid scoring and just enough challenges for the competitive band. "If life is a highway, then you will want to hit the road with "Concrete Jungle"!"