Computer vs. Man (Grade 4)

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Computer vs. Man (Grade 4)



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1.  Powering Up
2.  Working Together
3.  Rise of the Machines

4. Full Show with Sound FX

Composer:  Andrew Yozviak, Casey Beggs, Jabin Baxter

“The computer was born to solve problems that did not exist before.” -Bill Gates

Starting with the invention of the first modern computer in 1936 through innovations such as the microchip in 1958 and the affordable home computer in 1984, we humans have always been intrigued and sometimes a bit intimidated by the computer. Andy Yozviak pays homage to this incredible piece of modern technology with his show “Computer vs. Man.”

Andy hits the ground running with the exhilarating “Powering Up.” The intricate runs and full chords urge you to plug in your computer, boot it up and off you go! The opener seamlessly segues into “Working Together.” The musical lines slow down and invite you to pause and reflect on what you have accomplished. “Rise of the Machines” is hard driving and fast paced with loads of runs and full chords. Which side will come out on top? Man or Machine?

Who will come out on top in the saga of “Computer vs. Man?”