Butterfly Effect (Grade 3)

  • Butterfly Effect (Grade 3)

Butterfly Effect (Grade 3)



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1.  Recurrence
2.  Ripples
3.  Chain Reaction

Composer:  J.R. Trimpe
Total Time:  6:59

In chaos theory, the butterfly effect is the sensitive dependency on initial conditions in which a small change at one place can result in large differences in a later state. The name of the effect, coined by Edward Lorenz, is derived from the theoretical example of a hurricane's formation being contingent on whether or not a distant butterfly had flapped its wings several weeks earlier. J.R. Trimpe’s composition draws inspiration from the Butterfly Effect. “Recurrence” starts small and quiet (like a butterfly flapping its wings). It builds to an exciting opening hit and then moves quickly, including a nice percussion break. Drawing inspiration from dropping a pebble into water and watching the ripples spread out, the ballad “Ripples” builds and builds until it fills the stadium with sound. “Chain Reaction” cleverly starts with a percussion break. The low brass entrance is followed with each section adding in, causing its own chain reaction. This highly energetic closer is sure to get a rousing reaction from the audience.
The concepts of the Butterfly Effect and the Chaos Theory are ripe with visual imagery. Your visual presentation could be science based (formulas, graphs, and so on) or more visually driven (butterflies, ripples, chain reactions, etc). There are also excellent opportunities to create visual sequential or add-on moves to enhance your theme.

As with any Center X Productions show, visual concepts can be changed to fit the needs of your group. This show offers many unique musical moments and ideas that would work well with many themes or guard ideas.