Beethoven Masterworks (Grade 4)

  • Beethoven Masterworks (Grade 4)

Beethoven Masterworks (Grade 4)



Music Files Below (left click to listen, right click to download)

1.  Master of the House
2.  My Immortal Beloved
3.  Vienna
4.  Breaking Through the Silence

Composer:  Michael Pote, Michael McIntosh
Total Time:  7:23

There are masters of compositions then there is the Master! Michael Pote pays a superb tribute to one of the greatest composers of all time. The pit includes electronic instrumentation integral to the music.
Your audience will be drawn into this exciting show from the very first notes!  The creative use of snippets of Beethoven’s most famous melodies makes this a most enjoyable show.  You may wish to rely mainly on the music with very little use of props/backdrops or you may wish to immerse the audience in the total Beethoven experience. With a little research, you would be prepared to share the genius of Beethoven.  The titles to each song are only suggestions, but they too are based on research and could provide you with inspiration.