A Study In Pink

  • A Study In Pink - Marching Show Concepts

A Study In Pink

  • **Please contact us to inquire about regional conflicts that may affect show availability. If you purchase the show, and there isn't availability for your group, you will be given a chance to pick another show, or to request a refund**

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    1. A Study in Pink


    This show explores the journey of Sherlock Holmes in solving the mystery of the Lady in Pink. The color, 'pink', continues to reveal clues throughout the show that allows this crime to be solved!!!

    Class: A Class

    Time: 4:40

    - Flute
    - Clarinet
    - Alto Sax.
    - Trumpets (2)
    - Mellophone
    - Low Brass (2)
    - Tuba
    - Sampler/Laptop/Sound system (For performance soundtrack)

    *Solos include: Clarinet

    - Music scores and parts in pdf format
    - Click tracks
    - Count sheet in excel and pdf format